Who needs Continuing Education? We all do!!

To be an effective worker, supervisor or manager in medical coding and billing requires two areas of expertise: a good knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding and a thorough understanding of specific billing policies and regulations for Medicare, contracted HMOs and third party insurance companies.

How can we stay informed of the constant changes in our profession?------THROUGH CONTINUING EDUCATION. The benefits of continuing education are essential for the survival and professional growth of a medical billing professional, whether clerk, supervisor or administrator in today’s managed care environment. After managing practices for 20 years, I believe my effectiveness as a medical administrator is because of my strong belief in constant professional and personal improvement. What better way to keep informed of changes in coding and billing procedures than through the AAPC!!!

There are other organizations, associations, etc. which can also enhance our knowledge in coding and billing policies through newsletters, networking and conferences. However, the AAPC has local chapters and offers a Coding examination. Upon successful completion of the exam one becomes a Certified Procedural Coder (CPC). The CPC is a credential that can open doors of new work opportunities or enhance your present position. We should take advantage of every opportunity we have available to build our skills and enhance our knowledge. I’m sure we are all in the same predicament---no time for anything but work, work, work and very little “free time” to spend on ourselves and our families.

Therefore, we need to maximize that “free time” and still continue to increase our skills. What better way to start your course in pursuing Constant Continuing Education than by becoming active in your local chapter and taking your CPC exam. The CPC exams are offered through local chapters and before the AAPC Annual Conference.

The AAPC is our best resource to help us stay knowledgeable through continuing education. Start your continuing education plan NOW to become a CPC and to attendthe Annual Conference.Remember, to be successful you need to Continue Your Education!!

Catherine A. Brink, BSCMM, CPC, CMSCS
President, Healthcare Resource Management, Inc.

"I found Healthcare Resource Management's expertise and knowledge of Chart Audits very helpful to our organization. The reports were thorough, timely and provided excellent suggestions to keep us complaint

Gertrude M. Powell, R.N.,
Practice Administrator